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This Term our overall theme is ‘Marvellous Minibeasts!’

To start with our story of the week is, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

If you would like to get creative with The Hungry Caterpillar story there are some lovely craft ideas that you can do at home, click on the link to find out more!

To keep physical, have a go at The Very Hungry Caterpillar Yoga class –


Maths – Mental starter – Sing days of the week song on Youtube.-

Please click on the link to find the Maths slides and have a go at hunting for ‘Shapes’ and creating your own ‘Patterns’

Phonics – This week we will be recapping what we have already learnt in phonics, to give the children the chance to practise what they know. Let’s start with a recap of set 1 sounds, ask the children to join in and race to read the sound: . Now choose a sound which you found tricky to remember and find the alphablocks episode to watch: Remember to try to find these sounds in your reading books or stories before bed.

Understanding the World – This week our writing activity on Wednesday will link to the topic of ‘Marvellous Minibeasts’. We are going to be making a fact file about a minibeast of your choice.

Starter: Before we can start our writing, we need to find out more about these minibeasts! What do you know already? Can you think of a minibeast? What minibeast can you find in the garden?

Main activity: Watch some of Jess’ adventures to find about all the different types of minibeasts around us. Which is your favourite minibeast and why?:


Maths – Mental starter – Sing days of the week song on Youtube.- Pause it. Ask what day comes after Friday?

Please click on the link to find the Maths slides and have a go at creating your own finger painting caterpillars ‘counting’ and ‘doubling’ their body parts and making funky ‘patterns’

Phonics – Today we can start on set 2 and 3 sounds: Now that you have seen the sounds and heard them, try this challenge video to see if you can impress the teacher with your phonics! A good way to learn our sounds is by playing hangman! Parents can choose a word (cow) and draw a picture to help if needed, children to guess the sounds in the word. Have fun with this at home.

Understanding the World – Starter: Yesterday you looked at different types of minibeasts… I am thinking of a minibeast and it is black, it has 8 legs, it can spin a web… what minibeast am I thinking of? Play the guess who game with the children to recap their learning.

Today you are going to be constructing your own minibeast! Have you chosen your minibeast and can you imagine what it looks like? If you need some more help deciding, take a look at this:

Main activity: Now you are ready for the Minibeast construction challenge. Watch this online lesson and follow the instructions to create your own minibeast using materials you can find at home: Remember – take a photo of your minibeast or keep it safe ready for your fact file writing tomorrow!


Maths – Mental starter – Can you remember the days of the week song? What day does the week start with? Remember it’s not Monday!

Please click on the link to find the Maths slides to have a go at exploring your fruit bowls at home, ‘solving problems’ and ‘adding’ what fruit the caterpillar eats on different days!-

Phonics – Now that you have had a chance to recap those set 1, 2 and 3 sounds, we are ready to start word reading. Here is a reminder for parents of how to support Fred Talk: Can you use your Fred Talk to read these words: The next challenge is ‘Fred in your Head’ or ‘Speedy Reading’: Can you use ‘Fred in your Head’ to read the same words? Good luck with the reading today!

Understanding the World and Literacy: Yesterday you had a go at creating a minibeast and today we are going to create our fact file all about that minibeast. In a fact file we need to include information about the minibeast to help others learn all about it. You are now the minibeast expert!

Starter: Talk about the minibeast together to encourage thinking and talking in full sentences: ‘What is it? – It is a spider.’ ‘How many legs does a spider have? – A spider has 8 legs.’ ‘Where does a spider live? – ‘A spider can spin a web and can live inside and outside the house’. Talk about the minibeast they created and others if you would like.

Main activity: Using the photo of your minibeast or the model you constructed, put it at the top of the fact file and write the name of your minibeast. Now think of three facts about that minibeast: what is is? What does it look like? How many legs does it have? Does it have wings? Where does it live? What can it eat? Encourage children to say the fact first, count the words in the sentence and use their sounds when writing.

If you need some help to find out more, follow this link:

Take a look at Miss Taylor’s minibeast factfile for some inspiration, she used natural things found in the garden to construct her snail shape.


Maths – Mental starter – What day comes after Wednesday? How can you find out?

Please click on the link to find the Maths slides and have fun planning your own picnic ‘sharing’ and ‘halving’ all the food! –

Phonics – Today we are going to be looking at some of those tricky words which we can’t use our Fred Talk for, they are not phonetically decodable so we have to ‘see and say’ them. Find the tricky word songs here and sing along: and . Now here is a challenge – go and get a book and see which tricky words you can read in your book. You can have 1 point for every tricky word you can read today! If you want an extra challenge… can you write your own sentence with a tricky word in it:

Understanding the World and Literacy: Starter: Enjoy this story which has poems about all different minibeasts. Can you sport your minibeast in the book?

Main activity: Yesterday you had a go at creating a minibeast fact file. Can you use a non-fiction book, information text, google or adult to help you to add one more fact about your minibeast? Think about: the habitat where the minibeast lives, what might like to eat the minibeast, what the minibeast eats, does the minibeast change in anyway and where can we find that minibeast in the world? Add more information to your fact file!


Maths – Mental starter – What day comes after Saturday? How can you find out?

Please click on the link to find the Maths slides and start creating your own playdough caterpillars at different ‘lengths’

Phonics – Friday Phonics. In phonics sometimes we have a word that lands from outer space… aan alien word! Remember these: glib, sluf, chid… Now it is time to put your speeding reading to the test… use your Fred Talk to read the word and decide if it is treasure (a real word) or trash (an alien word): Enjoy!

Understanding the World and Literacy: You have worked so hard on your fact file this week! Now enjoy the story and think about all the minibeasts you have learnt about!