Let’s start phonics today by recapping all our set 1 sounds – join in with the little girl if you can! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCBzNnSSxds

Now we can recap our speedy sounds for set 2 as you have learnt some of these already at school. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7hRbrpq5Bo

We have now moved onto set 3 sounds. Our sound of the day today is ‘ew’ and to help us remember this sound we say, ‘chew the stew’. This sound is a digraph as it has two letters that make one sound. The ‘ew’ digraph makes the same sound as ‘oo’ (moon) and u-e (huge).

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Watch Mr Thorne as he explains all about the new sound of the day!

Can you use your Fred talk to sound out these words? Don’t forget to use your Fred fingers to count the sounds. Ch-ew, f-l-ew, s-t-ew, g-r-ew.

Now you can read, hear and say the sound… let’s write the sound. Write it on the floor, on your hand, on your paper or in the air. Remember there are 2 letters to make this sound, don’t forget to underline your special friends. Have a go at writing the words using your Fred talk and Fred fingers. For those of you looking for an extra challenge, put the word into a sentence and use your new sound.

Enjoy the giraffe learning with you as you practise your new sound of the day.

Speedy Writing

Can you write these 3 words using sounds that we have learnt previously? (An adult will need to say these words and children will independently sound them out and write them). Now check the spelling and tick or fix your work!

  • book
  • snail
  • brown