The children have enjoyed learning all about Australia. We have made didgeridoos using junk model materials, we have used aboriginal art to paint boomerangs, written postcards home from different locations and learnt all about the animals you can find in Australia.

In maths we have been starting to explore subtraction. We have been singing the ‘currant bun song’ and using this to help us to find out what happens when we ‘take away’ from a number. Next week we will be continuing to look at subtraction, counting back and taking away from a single digit number.

Next week we will come to the end of Spring 1. We would like to invite all families to join us in the classroom on Friday 14th February for our celebration of the topic. The classrooms will be open at 13:30 until 14:30. Please come along to look at the work children have achieve, to explore the countries we have studies, to share information about your own experiences and feel free to bring in photos/food/clothing to show the children. This will be a lovely way to end the term!