This week the children in Reception have been reading, creating story maps, retelling and acting out the Rainbow Fish story. We have been talking about how to be a good friend at school and some lovely ideas have been added to our friendship fish display wall. Arts and crafts this week have been sparkling and glittery, the children have worked together to create a giant Rainbow fish with multicoloured scales. We have been improving our cutting and curling skills in the finger gym zone.

In maths we have been learning about number 3. We have been using the Rainbow Fish story in maths to help us to find out about one more and one less than 3 using sparkly scales. In the playdough area we counted our buttons onto our fish and matched the numerals to our fish.

Next week in Reception we will be learning all about number 4 and we will be using number blocks to represent 4 in different ways, talk about one more and one less. Our book of the week will be Dogger – a classic story enjoyed by all!

Stars of the Week!