All around the world – Australia

The children have enjoyed learning all about Australia. We have made didgeridoos using junk model materials, we have used aboriginal art to paint boomerangs, written postcards home from different locations and learnt all about the animals you can find in Australia.

In maths we have been starting to explore subtraction. We have been singing the ‘currant bun song’ and using this to help us to find out what happens when we ‘take away’ from a number. Next week we will be continuing to look at subtraction, counting back and taking away from a single digit number.

Next week we will come to the end of Spring 1. We would like to invite all families to join us in the classroom on Friday 14th February for our celebration of the topic. The classrooms will be open at 13:30 until 14:30. Please come along to look at the work children have achieve, to explore the countries we have studies, to share information about your own experiences and feel free to bring in photos/food/clothing to show the children. This will be a lovely way to end the term!

All Around the World – Kenya

This week our global learning has all been based on the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children have really enjoyed learning all about the different fruits carried in her basket! We have tasted, compared, described, drawn and labelled different fruits. Some of the animals in the story get up to no good and steal the fruit… the children told Handa’s what was happening! They then used their sounds to help them write their sentences in speech bubbles. Using props, animals and masks we have been retelling the story with friends.

Whilst exploring the fruit we have been talking about healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet. The children worked as a team to sort ‘sometimes and always’ foods. See how many of your ‘5 a day’ you can have at home!

In maths this week we have been looking at money. The children have shared what they know about money, used the shop to role play with money and have explored all British coins to find out their value.

In Phonics we have moved onto set 3 sounds and children will be using these sounds in both their reading and writing. Please read at home everyday and use Alphablocks to support understanding. The set 3 sounds are shown below:

Next week we will be learning about Australia through film, maps, stories and songs. The children will explore different locations in Australia and will be sending home postcards from their trip. In maths we will be learning all about subtraction and what happens when we take away from another number. Please continue to read at home everyday – some children are moving onto red and yellow level books now which is fantastic to see!

Have a lovely weekend!

All around the world – China

This week we have been learning all about China and the celebration of Chinese New Year. The children have decorated Chinese dragon masks, watched parade videos and performed their own dragon dance around the school!

We shared our Dragon Parade with the whole school!

We have been learning about the significance of lanterns, fruit, fortune cookies, food, clothing and special red envelopes in the celebration. The children acted out the Zodiac story and have learnt all about the year of the rat (2020).

In maths we have been exploring China too! Using paper straws and marks in sugar, the children have been writing their numbers to 10 in Chinese. We have also been using the tens frame to help us with addition.

Next week we will be learning about Kenya in Africa and our key text we will be learning through is ‘Handa’s Surprise’. You can enjoy this at home together in advance:

In our reading this week, all children will have been looking at tricky words. It is really important that children learn to read these words by sight as they can’t use their sounding out to help them. Please practise these words together at home: I, to, no, go, into, the.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy Chinese New Year!

All around the world – Italy

This week has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore a new country – Italy! In our global learning the children have done all sorts of activities from flag colouring, learning the language, making pizzas, evaluating pizzas, writing up evaluations, to building landmarks. We have looked at the world map to locate Italy and described what the weather is like in Italy. Next week we will be moving onto China… just in time for Chinese New Year celebrations.

In maths the children have been looking at adding problems. They have worked together with a partner, using the part part whole model to solve the challenges. Some children are even writing their own number sentences which is fantastic. Next week we will be exploring addition further, using the tens frame to help us to solve problems.

Image result for part part whole model"

In phonics the children have learnt ‘ay’ ‘ee’ ‘igh’ ‘ow ‘oo’ ‘oo’ and are able to read these sounds int heir phonics books now. Please read everyday at home. Next week we will be putting tricky words into book bags to work on at home – please look out for these. We are working on phase 2 and 3 currently.

Image result for tricky words phase 1 and 2 RWI"

Next week we will award a winner for the Leaning Tower of Pisa model competition and Star of the Week will be back.

Please ensure all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled with names.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Week 1 All around the world!

This week the children have been introduced to the new topic ‘All around the world’. We have started by looking at where we live in Croydon and other locations, using Google maps and talking about journeys we take to school. The children worked hard using their sounds to write about where they live and drew pictures of their homes.

We have been learning all about the process of taking a flight and created an plane in the classroom. All the children made passports, tickets and packed suitcases for hot or cold weather before boarding the flight. The children were fantastic on the plane and enjoyed ‘refreshments and snacks’.

In Phonics the children have all started learning set 2 sounds now. It is really important that reading is happening everyday at home. The new sounds are:

Image result for set 2 sounds"

In maths we have been counting, recognising and ordering with numbers to 10. Next week we will be moving onto addition within 10. We will be using the part part whole model to add two single digit numbers.

For our topic we will be learning all about Italy next week – making models of the country, learning some of the language, finding out about the flag and maybe even making pizzas!

Our star of the week

Robin Class

For all his hard work in phonics, writing and PE.

Lark Class!

Have a lovely weekend.