Home Learning WB 13th July

**Important message** –

School reports - Kendall Primary School

Due to the COVID restrictions, school reports will be sent electronically this year, please look out for them in your email inbox. We hope you enjoy reading them together at home and can celebrate the success recognised in them. All of your teachers are very proud of you.


As we come to the end of the school term, we would like to set you the challenge of writing to your new teacher in year one. Can you paint, take, draw or create a self portrait and write a message to your new teacher? You can bring the letter to school with you on day one and your teacher will be very excited to read it!

All About Me Display Lettering Sentence (teacher made)

You might like to tell them:

  • Your name, age and height.
  • What you enjoy doing at school and what you are excited about.
  • Who you like to play with at school.
  • Which bits of the school day you don’t really enjoy and why.
  • A fun fact about you.
  • Who is important at home in your family.
  • What you are most looking forward to about year one!

Maths –

Number blocks are great for learning those numbers up to 20! https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b08bzfnh/numberblocks

Interactive games for learning numbers and shapes at home: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?Subject=16

Phonics –

You have all worked so hard on your phonics and this will support you in your reading and writing in year one! For the final stretch, how about testing yourself with the speedy sounds videos muted and see how many you get right!

Set 1 sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCBzNnSSxds

Set 2 and 3 sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR0BV1zaFDM&t=42s

In year one you will begin to use the alphabet names as well as sounds for letters. Enjoy learning the letter names with the alphablocks song!

Sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcWbkbDx7pA

Letter names: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7LjGDcXqcs

Here are the tricky words that you will need to know to be ready for year one, try to ‘see and say’ them as fast as you can. Play the board game if you can print and roll the dice at home!

Tricky Words Board Games | Teaching Resources

If you need access to stories, phonics books and e-books – log on to Oxford Owl and make the most of the resources: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Another great website for reading at home is here: https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/

Free Printable Weather Activities for Kids | Preschool weather ...

Challenge: Can you write a weather report for today, use your sounds and tricky words! I have got 5 tricky words in my weather report. Can you use more than me?

Can you underline the special friends you have used?

‘Today the sun is out and it feels hot. I am glad to see some clouds in the sky!’

Art and crafts ideas –

Junk modelling is a good way to use up plastic, recycling and household objects that might otherwise go to waste! Can you try some of these challenges at home: https://www.playlikemum.com/20-genius-junk-modelling-ideas-for-kids-to-try/

Can you paint a diary of some of the places you have visited during lockdown or some of the places you would like to visit in summer? MAybe you want to go to the beach, perhaps you have been to the park, or will you go to the river to cool down? Here are some ideas…

Summer Scenery - Kids Drawing Stock Photo - Image of spring ...
3 Dinosaurs | Stomping, Romping, and Roaring Printables, Crafts ...

PE –

Here are some links to websites, youtube links and tutorials for keeping active at home. Make sure to use these over the summer holidays too. Most importantly… get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Here are some videos from your teachers to say goodbye for now, goodbye for a while and see you soon. Take a look here:

Miss Taylor: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18HhAh4wgXgOC9z85U_a1j9onPHAjnmgi/view?usp=sharing

Miss Safi:

SMC Nursery @ The Park : Goodbye & Goodluck Roxy we will miss you!

Stay safe, keep active, enjoy time with your family and good luck in year one in September!

Superstar Learning w/b 6.07

Well Done to everyone that has completed the home learning activities and have sent them in. We have enjoyed looking at your brilliant writing and maths skills!

Well Done to Jashwanthkumar for completing the home learning tasks to a high level! He has written advanced maths sentences and written words using set 3 sounds.

Excellent sentences Jashwanthkumar. I can see you have underlined the digraphs and trigraphs. Remember to include full stops at the end of your sentences. Your challenge is to write a short story.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Wow! You have written many number sentences and even included numbers beyond 20. Well Done! Excellent work! Keep it up.

Gulreen has written many words using her knowledge of phonics and sounds! Gulreen has consistently completed the home learning task and has made good progress in maths and phonics. Excellent work Gulreen.

I like how you have used mini cookies to help you with your maths. Great idea! Well done for writing the number calculations correctly. Keep it up Gulreen.

Excellent writing Gulreen!

If you would like your home learning to be featured on this blog next week or if you would like your teacher to see it and email you feedback, please email office@kingsley.croydon.sch.uk.
Parents please could you indicate clearly whether you are happy for your child’s name and work to be uploaded online. Thank you for engaging with the home learning.

Home learning wb 6th July

Last week we talked about healthy eating choices. This week we will learn about keeping both our minds and bodies healthy. We have had some difficulties uploading everything for you here, so click on the link in each section, which will take you to the activities for the week.

What is the Healthy Living and Wellbeing Programme? | Little Pioneers


Click on the file below and complete the daily phonic reading activities.

Topic & PE


Click on the link above to find all of the activities and learning for this week!


Watch Numberblocks: Five | EnhanceTV
Number Blocks Week!

Please click on the link below to see Maths for this week! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QUAsY7xtQ6SKRSC2Xjp-paGCgMLsE-L4fPeXk_iQJJY/edit?usp=sharing

Home learning week beginning 29th June

Superstar Writing by Jahsiah.

Well Done Jahsiah! I can see you have written questions that the well-mannered ladybird could say to the animals in the story. You have used capital letters and full stops in your sentences. This is fantastic to see. Keep it up Jahsiah! We look forward to seeing what you are going to write next week.


Let’s recap all our speedy sounds!
Say the set 1 sounds with the girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCBzNnSSxds
Say the set 2 and set 3 sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eh_RQ0Pkhg&t=47s

Log into Oxford Owl by clicking on this link https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ and then clicking on ‘My Class Login.’
The username is Receptionlr and the password is Reception123

Parents: You can also create your own account for free if you would prefer. Refer to this document to help you create your own account.
Both accounts have access to the same resources.
Please use this website to access many e-books! Encourage your children to read everyday.

Today we recommend you read –
Try and read as many as you can and let us know which one was your favourite!

Pink Level: Home for Ted https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/api/digital_books/1114.html

Red level: Big Feet

Yellow Level (if you are a confident reader read this!) : Leek Hotpot

Remember to click on the activity 1 and activity 2 tab after you have finished reading.

Literacy/PD – Read or listen to the Kitchen Disco! Which is your favourite fruit? Is it in the story? Is there any fruit that is new to you?

Maths – Please click on the links provided to access daily maths slides – https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17IXNDd06pgdbDVxW8Lgmswky5t9Y4lGiP8D9x7BYmFU/edit?usp=sharing

PE – Shake out your weekend sillies and groove along with the fruit in the Kitchen Disco song. Can you make up a move for each fruit and teach it to your family?


Let’s recap all our speedy sounds!
Say the set 1 sounds with the girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCBzNnSSxds
Say the set 2 and set 3 sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eh_RQ0Pkhg&t=47s

Log into Oxford Owl by clicking on this link https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/ and then clicking on ‘My Class Login.’
The username is Receptionlr and the password is Reception123

Today we recommend you read – Big Bad Bug
Try and read as many as you can and let us know which one was your favourite!

Remember to click on the activity 1 and activity 2 tab after you have finished reading.

Literacy/PD/EAD – Can you make an observational drawing of a fruit or vegetable you have at home? What shape is the fruit? What colours can you see? Which parts are shaded (dark) or light and reflective? Can you give your fruit a funny name, like Cracking Coconut, Prickly Pineapple or Bouncy Banana, and label your drawing? Remember to use Fred talk to try and sound out your words.

Fruits Drawing w. Color Pencil | An observational drawing do… | Flickr


PE – Stretch out with Cosmic Yoga:



Maths –https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Y3Z8Lnx9ZW8RtlXst83R8nA5138lyltbx8P3WT0Aeao/edit?usp=sharing

Literacy/PD/EAD – Can you design a fruit salad (or a savoury salad if you prefer?) to make at home? What would you like to have in your fruit salad? Write a shopping list like this:

I need:





Some words will be quite tricky so you could use a fruit word mat, like this one:

Fruit Word Mat (teacher made)
This can be downloaded from Twinkl with a free membership, there are others available online, or you can make your own!

Now you have concentrated so hard on your writing, listen to the story of Oliver’s Fruit Salad to relax:



Maths – https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vI-Rq3Q4XaD5csW7tEsQeEwU4I_Kx6PeYcGELCLOa24/edit?usp=sharing

Literacy/PD/EAD – Today we are thinking about what food our body needs to stay healthy. Have a look at the Eatwell Guide. Which foods do you recognise? Which do you like/dislike?


Some foods we call ‘always’ foods – they are always ok to eat at mealtimes. Which do you think these might be? Can you use the Eatwell guide to spot some?

Some foods on the other hand we call ‘sometimes’ foods. You might call them treats – we can’t have them all the time. Can you name some of these foods?

Can you help your grownups plan a meal using the Eatwell guide? You will need to choose something from each part of the plate. If you have a paper plate (or a circle cut out of paper or card from the recycling) then you could draw your meal, like this:

Draw a healthy meal onto a paper plate. EYFS | Nursery activities ...

PE – Now get moving !



Literacy/PD/EAD – Listen to Ketchup On Your Cornflakes for a Friday funny story. What do YOU like?


PE – Can you play a ‘Fruit and Spoon’ race? Use a wooden spoon and a round fruit like an orange or apple and try running without dropping the fruit (best played on the grass in a park or garden!). For an extra challenge, add obstacles to go round, or over, while holding the spoon! Good luck and have a lovely weekend!