Next weeks learning wb 13th May

Next week is the story of the Hungry Caterpillar. We will be busy using this story to help us investigate the life cycle of a caterpillar- From egg all the way to butterfly!

Our letter of the week will be L  

Week Beginning 6th May

After reading our story Oliver’s Fruit Salad we decided that we wanted to make our own fruit salad. We tasted a selection of different fruit to decide which was our favourite, before using full sentences to share this information with our friends; “My favourite fruit is the mango because it is so juicy”.

Once we had decided which fruit we wanted in our fruit salad we made a picture and word shopping list for Mrs Watts to take to the shop to buy the fruit for our fruit salad.

We also used pictures of fruit, plastic fruit and real fruit to talk about fruit, and ask/answer questions. Is it hard or soft? Can you eat the skin or do you have to peel it? Is it juicy? Where are its seeds? Is it the same colour inside as outside? 

We then drew/cut out a picture of our favourite fruit onto a paper plate which we have decorated our classroom with.

Next weeks learning- wb 6th May

Our story next week is Olivers fruit salad and we will be making some delicious fruit salad!

The letter of the week will be F


Week Beginning 29th April

Every morning we have been observing  the growth of our sunflower seeds which are now little seedlings … we have been busy gardeners- taking care of them by watering them to help them grow taller. We have also been looking after our cress heads so we can have sandwiches soon !

Our story this week was Olivers vegetables 

He really loved chips … so …we made chips in Nursery this week! We peeled the potatoes carefully, and when they were cooked we had a little picnic outside and ate them. Yummy! Yummy! 

The letter this week was V. We have been talking about our favourite vegetables and made vegetable rice using tomatoes, onions, red pepper and broccoli. The delicious smell from the rice wafted through the school and a lot of children had 2 helpings because it was so delicious !   

Every week a vocab sheet and YouTube link will be given out which relates to the current weeks learning- please use these at home to talk to your child about what they are doing in school.